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All you need is Yub

What we do

Yub is the world’s first offline affiliate network. Yub enables retailers and restaurants to effortlessly track consumers from online clicks through to actual purchases, harnessing the power of the online affiliate model to drive in-store purchases on a massive scale. With no integration or upgrades needed from merchants and simple and easy to use offers for consumers, Yub is on the way to revolutionize the way brick-and-mortar stores reach more shoppers!

Who we are

Yub is based in Mountain View, California and led by a team with over 50 years of experience in Advertising and Payments. We were born out of TrialPay, a leading alternative online payment platform, where we originally coined the term "O2O"—Online to Offline. We are proud to have built Yub to realize the vision: to quantify the in-store impact of online.

Meet the Team